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Blacktop Tattooing, founded and run by Gabriele Greco, was created in 2015 with the aim of promoting and deepening the traditional/old school tattooing in the black inked style only.
After the important success of the first volume, Blacktop Vol. I – Europe (printed in Italy in 2017 and distributed worldwide) collecting 99 draws of European artists, today Blacktop launches the second volume addressed to the most important American artists.
The volume will collect more than 100 paintings of the top USA artists, it will be printed in an initial run of 1000 copies (with the possibility of reprinting) and it will be available for the entire US and worldwide market.

Gabriele Greco

Details of the artwork

What's inside the Volume I

Rodolfo Gimenes, Pietro Rizzo, Oliver Bach, Kosenkov, DAP, Jaca, Clemens Hanh, Pedro Soos, Levi Netto, George Crewe, Francesco Garbuggino, Davide True Cat, Juho Sipilä, Fabrizio Mele, Fabio Scala, Filip Henningsson, Max Brain, Matt Andersson, Gusak, Marco Sciuto, Simone Mariotti, Juan Pedro Farias, Philippe Fernandez, Dane Soos Mancini, Alberto Triguero, Michele L'Abbate, Josep Brogues Norte, Tato Toby, Job de Quay, Augusto Cabrera, Richard Lazenby, Nick Mayes, Simone Mariotti, Joel Soos, Simon Lester, Thomas Dooley, Pablo Sinalma, Chuli Gonzalez, Simon Gyllström, Gavin Lyons, Kelly Smith, Jamie Greaves, Liam Alvy, Bob Geerts, Moira Ramone, Giuseppe Presta, Nick Colin Corbett, Dario Rivera, Zilly, Johnny Nokela, Martina Ekeberg, Adam Hudson, Jelle Soos, William Cionka, Joshua Rogers, Josh Russell, Fabrizio Mele, Joris Mous, Matt Craven, Todd, Gonzalo Muniz, JP Farias, Tiago De Oliveira, El Bueno, La Dolores, Capt Darkside, Sindre Olsen, Mors, Dennis Gutierrez, Sam Ricketts, Giacomo Seidita, Paolo Ferrara, Francesco Lo Sardo, Lucas Wagner, Claudia Ottaviani, Kirill Muza, Marco Sergiampietri, Florian Santus, Bertz, Ethan Jones, Esther De Miguel Javier Garcia, Arspunx, Spanu, Piotr Melnyczuk, Andrea Giulimondi, Marcos Ortega, Gakni Gallo, Davide TC and many more.

What's inside the Volume II - USA

Something about the upcoming Vol. II - USA

We tried to reach the finest American traditional tattooers, the result?
Over 100 top class artists in one book! On the right some detail of their artworks we are collecting up for you... keep your eyes peeled!
(see the complete artists list below)


Blacktop Vol. II - USA

(coming soon)

Here are all confirmed artists
Names are displayed in alphabetical order
(click on every name to see the instagram portfolio)

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